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Walden PTO FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

(For non-PTO questions about Walden School, please click here)



1. What does the PTO actually do? What does the money we pay provide?

The PTO runs community building and fundraising events throughout the year (find out more here). The PTO also provides funds for school programs, manages the school lunch program, produces the yearbook, hosts the book fair, and organizes the school supplies sale each year. The PTO pays for all field trips for every grade and all 5th-grade activities.  To thank our amazing teachers the PTO runs teacher appreciation week and other staff activities.  The PTO also has a celebration committee to commemorate all life cycle events for our staff.  


2. What does Walden PTO membership include?
A Walden PTO membership includes access to the Walden directory through Membership Toolkit. The directory can be accessed here or on your smartphone with the Membership Toolkit App.  By purchasing a Walden PTO membership you are helping to provide field trips, assemblies, classroom supplies, birthday books, crowns, and pencils, in addition to much more for our children!


3. How do I join the Walden PTO?

You can join the Walden PTO here and instructions to download and set up the app are here


4. Do I need to purchase a PTO Membership for each of my students?
No. One PTO Membership is for your entire family.


5. Why do I need to make an account on the Walden PTO website?
The Walden PTO website is the only form of communication the PTO has with families. Therefore it is very important that you update and complete the registration before the school year begins. You can update your profile, contact information, student information, and directory display preferences at any time. Please update your information as necessary, so it is always current. Go here for instructions on updating and setting up your account. 


6. I already purchased an app registration key last year, do I need to do it each year?

Yes, Membership in the PTO must be renewed annually. You must purchase a membership each year to receive registration keys to activate your app for the current school year.

7. I already have the app, do I need to delete it at the start of the new school year?
Existing users of the app do not need to delete it.  The app will work until the registration key expires. Once the expiration date passes, existing users must purchase a PTO membership for the new school year. Purchasing the PTO Membership generates a new registration key.  


8. I am new to Walden, how do I download the app?
Go here for instructions and assistance with downloading and registering on the app.


9. How can I confirm what I’ve purchased from the website?
Log in and navigate to the ‘My Account’ tab, then select 'Previous Orders' from the menu. You can then click on each order number to view a complete receipt of your purchase. In addition, items that would not intentionally be purchased twice (membership, yearbooks, school supplies) will be removed from your 'New Forms' list under the menu choice 'Forms/Paperwork'.


10. What is Wildcat Lunch?
The Wildcat Lunch program offers families the opportunity to purchase hot lunches from local area restaurants through our partnership with Marla's Lunch. You can find more information here.

11. Do I have to purchase my child’s school supplies from the PTO?
No, this is a service provided by the PTO as a convenience.


12. I forgot to buy the school supplies package for my child.  Are there extras available for purchase from the PTO?
No, the PTO does not purchase extra school supply packages. If you missed the deadline date to order school supplies, you will need to purchase them independently using the school supply lists here.


13. What are Celebration Books?

Celebration books are a great way to encourage reading and raise funds for the LMC to purchase new books!  More information is on our website. You make a small monetary donation and select the month you want to celebrate your child.  Your child then gets to select a book from the new book bin, and a commemorative bookplate will be placed inside of it. More information here.


14. Does the Walden PTO offer “Before School Care?”
Before and after school care, school days out, and after-school enrichment programs are offered at Walden School in partnership with the Deerfield Park District.  Please visit the Park District's website here for more details and for registration information. 


15. How does pick up and drop off work?

We have a smaller parking lot and we need to be mindful of those around us. All drivers must follow one-way traffic in our parking lot. The first car in the lot should pull all they way to the cone with additional cars lining up behind. The lane closest to the school is for cars dropping off/picking up or waiting to drop off/pick up. The outside lane is for cars exiting (do not stop to drop off in the outside lane). Please do not stop to drop off or pick up in the outside lane and do not block cars attempting to leave.


16. When are opportunities for parents to volunteer inside the school?

There are a variety of ways parents can volunteer inside the school.  Class parties are an exciting time of year for our students.  The sign-up for class parties will go live on September 9, 2023, at 8:00 am. The email will come directly from the principal.  Each grade may offer additional volunteer opportunities such as a mystery reader, for example.  Those sign-ups will come directly from your classroom teacher.    


17. How do I get involved with the PTO?

The Walden PTO loves volunteers!  Current volunteer needs are listed here.

Please feel free to attend PTO meetings.  All meeting dates are listed on the calendar.  Please email PTOWalden@gmail.com to volunteer.  


17.  What happened to the Walden Enrichment Program?

The District 109 administration made the decision to have the Deerfield Park District run the Walden Enrichment program.  All programming goes through the Deerfield Park District.  For questions about enrichment, please reach out to Megan at Megan@deerfieldparks.org.